"Calling All The Monsters"
LunarTempleLogo Spooky
Season Spooky Temple
Author Yyaku
Episode Number One
Date Uploaded October 24th 2018
Episode Chronology
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Calling All The Monsters is the first and only episode of Survivor: Spooky Lunar Temple It occurs in the setting of a haunted manor, where they must kill to survive the night.



Thunder cackled in the background as a horrific screech picks up in the background. On the floor lay twenty unconscious bodies. All of them peacefully sleeping sprawled across the floor. The room is barely visible, and within an instant the lights blink on revealing a main lobby. Accompanying the flash of light is blaring noise that jolts all of the contestants awake in an instant. Everyone leans forward and assesses their surroundings, some scratch their heads, some look at their hands, others start stuttering. Looking around at their surroundings, it's quick to everyone's knowledge they are in a manor, the lobby to be exact. They are sitting on a fancy carpet, there is a central staircase behind them. A girl in a witch costume starts shrieking in fear as she makes eyecontact with a tall frankenstein monster, everyone begins looking around at those who are around them.

There is looks of terror and confusion from all of the humans, as from the monsters there is more just looks of wonder. The deities look ready to attack when suddenly a voice boomed. Everyone glanced upwards.

Mysterious Voice: Welcome.. to Survivor. (cackle) This is a game you all will be playing tonight. Over the next few hours you will be hunting and killing those in the room around you. If you all look around, everyone has an ankle bracelet with a color on it ranging from orange, purple, white, or black. You cannot kill a player with the same color as you, and you can't try and leave a base perimeter. You must stay within 5 miles of this mansion at all times. These shock collars can instantly kill you.

A ghost girl looks at her tracker and wonders how it is staying on her leg. Some of the deities look at the trackers like they are jokes. Ledalia, the Oni, hand's start glowing and suddenly a war axe materializes in her hands.

Ledalia: 无论这个声音是谁,他都不会在我的小游戏中把我留在这里。(Whoever this voice thinks he is, he's not going to keep me here in his little game.)

Ledalia smashes her war axe into her shock anklet and it electrocutes her, her war hammer tip shatters and crumbles into pieces and she falls down out of breath.

Zanaya (rolling her eyes): Great! The girl with the giant battle axe can't break these things.

Stacey (chanting to herself):
Negative energy, you may not stay,

I release you, be on your way,

From here on out, I banish thee,

These are my words, so mote it be!

Stacey looks around after she finishes chanting her spell, the anklet still remains on her. She rolls her eyes.

Pamela: So a war axe from some giant ogre doesn't work, MAGIC from a green skinned witch doesn't work, (points at Diana) a GHOST has one... THESE THINGS ARE STUCK ON US!

Zanaya (looking at Pamela): So I guess we're going to have to kill each other? (gulps)

The humans and some of the monsters look around terrified at the bigger predators. A girl with a clown smile and deep black eyes and red pupils tilts her head and grins. She looks at Pamela and mouths "I'm hungry" Pamela gulps.

Mysterious Voice (resumes): You must kill people from all separate tribes, if you try and kill your teammate, these shock collars will kill you. Let me say this again. You cannot kill your own team. If you survive past midnight - you get to walk away, scotch free. You resume to your normal life and continue living out your days.

Everyone looks around with some hope.

Pamela: Sweet! As long as nobody kills each other, we can survive the entire night!

Alyssa (looking at Pamela): Ooh your right! Nobody has to get hurt. (grins)

Mysterious Voice: That could be ideal... for humans. However if you look around at your surroundings, some players here need to kill in order to live. Zombies need brains, Werewolves need humans, Vampires need blood, aquatics need to feast on humans, and all of the deities tribe needs to eat to live.

Alyssa (rolling her eyes): I'm sure they can all wait one night, (looks at them) right guys?

Mysterious Voice: We all captured you many days ago and you've been unconscious since... all of you are starving.

Alyssa (feeling her stomach): Yeah.. I am a little hungry..

Vince (calling out to the humans): I promise I won't eat you guys! I'm not that hungry, and it's not a full moon it's only a half moon so my powers aren't really even activated!

Cameron (hissing at Vince): Shut up you werewolf! Humans don't trust this mutt, come with me.

Pamela (yelling): How the hell are humans supposed to fight back! We have nothing to defend ourselves against... WARAXES!

Mysterious Voice: There is weapons hidden all around the radius, ranging from knives, to bats, machine guns, pipe bombs. You name it.

Damien: When does this thing start?

Mysterious Voice: As long as nobody has any questions... (there is a long pause). NOW. The first tribe to leave this manor... humans, go, you get a headstart.

All of the humans looked around, the five decided to run together in fear and panic as they left the Manor. Alyssa slammed the manor door shut and then pushed a table in front of it.

Alyssa: I blocked them in! Let's go behind the Manor guys, they'll expect us to run straight!

Zachary: Good idea, let's go.

The rest of the tribe nods and then all of the humans run past the entrance to the backside of the manor. They continue running as the scene resumes indoors.

Mysterious Voice: The next tribe to leave is the orange anklets, you are the cult classics.

Zanaya (mumbling to herself): Cult classic?

All of them began running together, they tried pushing open the door but it was blocked off. Connor lifted his arms up and smashed the entrance of the door down. All of them continued out the entrance in a linear path, running over scraps of the door. Diana and Winston remained indoors.

Diana: I'm a ghost, there's not really any point in doing anything. I'm going to live through this no matter what.

Winston: My love, I am human though, let us go together and live thy days surviving, Ineedeth thy to survive.

Diana (glancing down at Winston): I think it's time I live life by thy self, dearest WWinston.

Diana hovers up and goes through the ceiling of the manor. Winston looks around at the remaining monsters and starts stumbling, he nervously chuckles and quickly runs out the entrance by himself, not knowing where the rest of his tribe went.

Mysterious Voice: The next tribe to leave is the monsters, you are the white anklets.

They all look at their anklets and decide to run out together.

Vince (sadly): I wouldn't consider myself a monster..

Damien (snotty): Yeah more like a halfbreed mutant.

Vince (glaring): Shut up sushi.

Finally the Atua tribe remains.

Mysterious Voice: The rest of you are the black anklets. You are the worst of the worst. The deities and demons.. we recruited you all because you are immensely powerful and make for great television. (a little fear in his voice) I worry for the lives of the rest of the players with you five playing.

They all grin to themselves. Among the group stands a very tall Oni in full war armor. She glances down at the others with a look of disgust. The girl with black and red eyes has a knife she spins in her hand and an eerie grin stuck on her face, her body looks contorted and strange. A girl split right in the middle with ice and fire on either side has her hands on her hips, she looks at the others analyzing what they are. A sexy succubus with glowing pink hair and a shroud of dark shadows making up clothes on her body winks at the guy across from her. There stands Brad, the Arachne spider, with webs covering his mouth and dark ebony skin.

Ginny (grinning): aS LoNg aS NoNe oF yOu mOtHeRfUcKeRs dOnT gEt iN mY wAy, tHiS wILl bE An eNjOyAbLe NiGhT. (evil cackle)

Ledalia: 为自己说话,小丑。 (Speak for yourself, clown.)

Brad (starting to coil his web): I will be working alone, I don't need you guys to survive.

Yasmyn: I don't think you'll be that helpful anyway, spiderman. Let the big dogs do the work, just enjoy that fact we are forced to spare your life. Otherwise I guarentee all of you would be dead.

Ledalia: 有趣的来自你元素。你所能做的就是创造冰与火。我有能力进入精神世界,收获灵魂,​​摧毁村庄。(Funny coming from you elemental. All you can do is create ice and fire. I am capable of entering the spirit world, harvesting souls, and destroying villages.)

Ginny: UUuUuuuuUuUuuGh WhY dOeS tHiS oGrE KeEp tAlKiNg We dOn't SpEaK ChIneSe! (plugs ears) I cAn'T TaKE HeR aNyMoRe!

Kylie (rolling her eyes): You guys are so silly. Everyone is getting away and working on strategies while we sit here bickering. I say we move as a unit, it's undeniable we will over power any of them.

Ginny: WhAtEvER sKaNk i'M WoRkInG aLoNE.

Yasmyn: Yeah, i'm good not working with these people.

Brad: I work alone anyway.

Ledalia: 再见. (Bye.)

Everyone walks out the main entrance and goes four different paths. Kylie sits there and rolls her eyes. She sexily struts out of the building.

Kylie: Guess i'll have to kill everyone on my own.

Kylie winks and then continues walking forward. The scene transitions to the humans who had the head start, they have found a good spot to park, they are at the top of the hill in a two-story barn, the humans run inside and barricade the entrance. They all sit down together out of breath, they look around at who's all there. They huddle around each other in the circle and go around saying their names.

Pamela (shaking): I'm Pamela.. i'm from Minnesota, and... I have no idea why i'm here or why any of you guys are.. i'm just terrified.

Zachary: It's okay girl, none of us do either.

Alyssa: We have to work together, we can't let those things kill us.

Noland: I'm Noland, I am dressed as Superman and right about now... God I wish I was Superman. This outfits killing me.

Alyssa: I'm Alyssa, I obviously am not dressed for the occasion to fucking die. I was on my way to a college party... (tear starts to fall down her eyes) This sucks so bad. I don't even know what's happening anymore.

Zachary: I'm Zac.. i'm sorry to be meeting you all this way.

Daniel: Names Daniel.

Everyone nods and it seems like they seem a little relieved to be having their conversation. Noland stands up with Pamela and the two begin looking around the barn.

Noland: I wonder if there's any of those weapons they were talking about here.

Pamela: I was thinking the same thing! This would be the best place to put them.

Everyone stands up and begins looking around for things, Noland opens up a long chest and then gasps and pulls out a bat.

Noland: Nice! We got a bat.

Pamela (opening up a cabinet): I found a dagger in here, I'm not sure how efficient this will be but it can't hurt.

Alyssa is by herself looking through a bale of hay when she finds a pipe bomb, her eyes widen and she secretly sneaks it into her clutch without announcing it to the rest of the group. Zachary pulls off a tarp and gasps, he found a car beneath.

Zachary: No way, there's a fucking car in here!

Pamela: Wow! Do you think there's keys around here somewhere?

Noland: I doubt they'd let us just drive the car around and ram the monsters, but maybe... could we jumpstart it?

Daniel (out of the blue): The keys are right here!

Daniel crouches down and finds the keys next to the bale of hay, everyone cheers and they all sit down in the car and put the keys in the ignition. Noland sits in the drivers seat and puts the key in and twists, suddenly the car turns on. Everyone claps and celebrates. The scene switches over, Winston is running from the manor and he seems to be out of breath. He looks around in a fright. He heres creeping noises and the wind begins to pick up.

Winston: My darling, Diana? Is that you my love? I need you so! Life is not thy same without thee. Come back and we can live through thy night together. (pause) Diana?

There is no response but a snap of a branch, Winston snaps his head and his eyes widen. Emerging from the shadows is red glowing eyes. Winston anxiously takes a step backwards with both his hands defensively up.

Winston: I-I don't want no harm, we don't have to kill anyone, remember?

With her face now fully visible Ginny let out a faint giggle to herself and shook her head. She slowly strut forward with a big butcher knife between her fingers. She spun it in circles as she slowly neared towards Winston, who is now backing himself into the tree. She stands before him now, towering over him as he cowers.

Winston: P-please don't hurt me! I have to be with my Diana, she is my love.. understand a lover's quarrel, please!

Ginny: YoU ArE MaD FuCkInG AnNoYiNg.

Ginny lifts the knife above her head and in one fatal slash blood begins spurting, the scene changes to Winston on the floor with the grass under his body seeped in the darkest of reds. His eyes are glossed over and his mouth gasps out a final breath, Ginny walks away with her knife still spinning, she sucks one of her fingers with blood covered in it and giggles.

20th Place
LT Winston Spooky

The scene changes to the Monsters who are grouping together.

Damien: Well i'm going to be in the water, I am really dried out being here so I am going to have to continue out solo, however when i'm in the water my powers are enhanced. Don't worry about me.

The group nods as Damien begins walking off towards the woods.

Stacey: I don't really see a use for working with you guys either, I am more of a solo player, my spells are individually based anyway. I will find people to curse though to weaken them for the rest of you to take down. (grins)

Johnathan (looking at Vince and Cameron): I guess it's just us who are going to be working together now.

Cameron: Tough luck, I wouldn't want to work with a Werewolf anyway.

Vince: Yeah I am not to keen on bloodthirsty savages myself.

Cameron: Oh shut up furball you said yourself you wanted to spare the humans, what are you, vegetarian?

Vince: No but I maintain a steady diet of killing animals not humans, where as you vampires need a defanging cause you can't help but go for strictly humans.

Cameron: There is billions, a few can't hurt.

Vince (rolling his eyes): Typical vampires disregarding other lifeforms cause they have this superiority complex.

The two are about to get into a spat when they hear a car engine revving, this happens to coincide around the time that the trick or treaters were starting their car. The three monster men looked around at each other then decided to go investigate, they went around to the back of the manor and then up a hill. They found the barn.

Cameron (whispering): They are inside, this is going to be an easy five kills. You get the front werewolf, i'll fly in through the top window, and Johnathan can be clean up crew.

Vince: Kill them? Why? We can work together with them, there is much bigger fish to fry then humans. Once they're all gone those giant demons are going to have nothing to eat but us!

Cameron (rolling his eyes): You are such a coward, I am going to do it regardless.

Vince tries to protest but Cameron transforms to bat form and flies upwards, he heads towards the top of the barn and flies through a little top floor window. He lands down on the first floor and sees all five of the humans sitting in the car laughing. Cameron transforms back into his normal form and then lunges towards the neck of Pamela. Daniel turns around right when he leaps and then yells out and jumps up and pushes Cameron out of the way. Cameron falls and Pamela and Daniel look at him and start screaming. Everyone tands up and sees the body of the vampire in their room. Everyone begins panicking and running, Noland grabs a weapon and tries fending them off, however Cameron jolts up and claws the bat out of his hands.

Noland screeches in pain and he holds his freshly bleeding arm in pain, all of the humans begin screaming, Alyssa runs over and puts her arms around Noland.

Alyssa: Noland are you okay! You are losing a lot of blood buddy, Noland, are you okay? (sniffles)

Cameron slowly walks towards Noland who is glancing up at the vampire with fear on his face. Alyssa stands right by his side however the rest of the humans are working on breaking the lock on the front of the barn door. Cameron gets close to Noland, and Alyssa hits his arm, he hisses at her and grabs Noland from her arms. His body goes limp in Cameron's arms as Cameron bites harshly into his neck. Just then the rest of the group break the lock. Alyssa jumps in the car and she screams for the tribe.

19th Place
LT Noland Spooky

Alyssa: Get in!

Everyone looks around and then they jump in as Cameron feasts on Noland. There is tears going down Pam's face as she looks at the horrific sight. Just as they are about to leave Johnathan enters the entrance of the door. They all scream and he slowly walks towards the car.

Zachary:' Drive! Go go go!

Alyssa steps on the peddle and the car goes forward hitting Johnathan and running him over, the castaways flee in their car and get far away from the barn, they keep driving straight, they are looking around at the dark spooky forest, and suddenly the trees clear and they are overlooking a rocky canyon. They marvel at the beauty for a few moments after a very traumatic moment they just experienced. They see a house so they decide to pull over and go inside of it.

The scene changes to Damien who left the monster group to go to the water. He is walking and using his power, senses a water source. He smirks and mumbles to himself how easy it will be to catch unsuspecting prey. He gets to the bed of water and dips his feet in, he submerges himself with just his eyes being revealed. A few moments pass and his gills flare, he senses something. He looks around and it appears there is nobody there. He starts to feel his arms get a little chilly. Then he gets very cold, he starts shivering.

Damien: Why is this water so cold? J-jeez.

Damien sees a shadow cast over himself, curiously he slowly turns around, above him is elemental Yasmyn, hovering above him with wings of fire and ice above her. She has a grin on her face and waves and sends a little wink.

Damien: Oh fu-

Yasmyn freezes Damien solid, his body is stuck in place as his interior parts slowly transform to liquid nitrogen, suddenly his body dissipates. Into a cloud of icy smoke. Yasmyn laughs and with her bielemental wings flies off into the sky.

18th Place
LT Damien Spooky

Kylie is seen slowly lurking through the shadows, she places her eyes on the group of four trick or treaters who are entering the house, she bites her lip as she walks them walk indoors. She whispers quietly to herself.

Kylie: This'll be fun.

Stacey is flying on her broomstick above the arena.

Stacey: This'll be easy, nobody else can fly. There's no way I am going to die. (giggle) It's not like they can reach me.

Stacey being to over eager is suddenly met with the vision of Yasmyn with her bielemental wings flying above the trees. Stacey's eyes widen, Yasmyn is coming towards her. Stacey quickly turns her broom around and goes in a different direction, she starts chanting a spell to herself. The spell completes and suddenly her broomstick goes increasingly faster then before. She zooms away from Yasmyn and starts giggling to herself. She turns her head backwards and sees Yasmyn slowly turn into just a spec. She continues laughing to herself, she turns forward and her eyes suddenly widen.

Before her is a massive spider web, hundreds of feet in width, she tries in anyway to stop her broom, but she splats onto the web instantly sticking to it. Terror is in her eyes as she shrieks loudly. Suddenly she hears something moving on the web, she sees a figure in her peripheral. She glances upwards on the web she is stuck in and sees Brad, the Arachne, climbing towards her. She starts whispering a spell to herself when Brad shoots a web covering her mouth. He hovers over her body and lets out a grin.

Screams shriek from Stacey's mouth as the camera moves off of that and onto scene of a random spider eating a bug, to censor the graphic scene going on. Once the feasting is over Stacey's broomstick falls out of the web and Brad licks his lips.

17th Place
LT Stacey Spooky

The scene changes back to the trick or treaters who are inside of the house they stumbled upon now. They all search for weapons or something, they open the fridge to find food. They sit around at a dinner table and the mood has changed a lot.

Alyssa (quietly): I say we just don't talk about what happened.

Daniel: Definitely not.

Pamela: He is going to be missed, I just hope that bat doesn't follow us here.. (shudder) that was... (sniffles) terrible.

Zachary (angrily): Didn't we just say to not talk about it you cow?

Pamela: Well i'm sorry! I have to talk about it i'm having a mental breakdown, we are all going to die! None of us are going to survive when there's a zombie and a vampire and demons and clowns and all these horrible things (buries her face)

Alyssa: We have to stay positive. Look at the clock, it's 10 o'clock. We only have to survive two more hours and we all get to go home.

Pamela (nodding): You are right.. we got this, we are in a nice house... (looks around) we'll be okay.

Suddenly there is a knock on the front door. Everyone's eyes all direct towards the door and there is fear in their eyes.

Alyssa (whispering): Who could it be?

Pamela (whispering): It's that damn bat, don't they have to be invited in doors?

Zachary: We'll be fine if we don't let him in doors!

Daniel (rolling his eyes): If that myth is true..

Suddenly all of them hear an undeniable scream from a girl.

Kylie (in woman form): Help! Somebody help!

Everyone looks at the door again. Alyssa slowly gets out of her seat.

Pamela: Don't Alyssa-

Alyssa: She needs our help!

Daniel: Everyone else but us is a monster!

Alyssa: That doesn't sound like a monster, it sounds like a human! We don't know how many groups were released into this game!

The group acknowledges that Alyssa made a fair point.

Zachary: Whatever, everyone have your weapons ready just in case.

Alyssa slowly makes her way to the door to open it, she creaks it open and sees Kylie, who has used her succubus powers to transform into a gorgeous human, is standing there with her arms crossed and fear in her eyes.

Kylie: Please let me in, I-I have nothing. I'm so scared, I have no idea where... I am...

Alyssa opens the door and everyone gets a full look at Kylie.

Alyssa: Who are you and why are you here?

Kylie: I.. my name is Kylie. I don't know why i'm here? I just woke up in a manor.. I don't know how I got here but there was all of these monsters... there was a dragon and aliens and... you probably won't believe anything i'm saying.. sorry (shakes her head) you probably think I look like a fool.

Alyssa (calmly): No, no. We went through the same exact thing, you woke up with a group of humans right.

Kylie (gasping): Right! And we all were teams! And there was this mysterious voice and... and then my group died. I'm the last of my group and... i'm really scared. I was running from this masked killer. (shivers) Can I join you guys?

Everyone nods and Pamela fetches a blanket, as Kylie is wearing a skimpy outfit. She covers her up and Kylie smiles and thanks Pamela, she sits at the table with the group, a few minutes pass of talking about the Trick or Treater's experience and what they went through and Daniel says he is going to go look for more weapons so Kylie may have one. She says she will go with him and pick one out.

Kylie and Daniel walk outside and there looks like a weapon shed.

Kylie: How convenient, a weapon shed. (giggles)

Daniel glances at Kylie with a gleam in her eyes. She walks towards the shed and opens the door. Daniel looks at Kylie and starts to notice how beautiful she is. Kylie internally starts releasing pheromones into the air. She closes the door and the room is practically filled with attractive scent. Daniel is having a hard time focusing, he is intoxicated by Kylie. She turns and looks at him and giggles. He is practically slobbering over her body. She walks up to him and places her hand under his chin.

Kylie (sexily): Everything alright?

Daniel nods his head in a zombie like state.

Kylie (eyes turning yellow): Good.

Kylie suddenly transforms to her normal form, looking horrific but still retaining her sexy structure, her mouth opens wide and the shadows emerge from her back and create a second set of arms, her claws lengthen and she drives both sets of arms deep inside Daniel ripping him apart internally, he can't even let out a scream it happens so momentarily, Kylie however lets out a pleasure filled scream. She bites her lip and moans as the blood splashes everywhere. Kylie feasts off of his agony and is the only person leaving satisfied.

16th Place
LT Daniel Spooky

The scene changes to Connor, Zanaya, and Monique who are walking together in the woods, all of them look very annoyed. Monique walking in heels and Zanaya is carrying her shoes. Connor is slowly lugging next to them.

Monique: This is the worst thing i've been through.

Zanaya: At least we have the big beast on our side, I'd say we have a better shot then most.

Monique: I don't get why we are on a different tribe then the humans, we are basically glorified for no reason! We are still humans, it's not like we have any powers.

Zanaya: Speak for yourself, i'm not even a human. You made me a in a lab.

Monique: Right... i'm basically just walking with two of my lab subjects through the woods as 17 people who want us dead run around.

Zanaya: Nobody wants us dead. We mean no harm, plus I doubt anyone's really going to come for us anyway.

A voice from the shadows: nOt fOr yOu...

Suddenly Ginny leaps out and jumps on top of Connor's back, he lunges back in fear and starts stumbling around trying to get her off. Monique and Zanaya screech, Ginny wielding her knife plunges it into Connor's neck. The beast manages to body slam her onto the floor. This injures Ginny, she cries out in pain. She gets up and charges towards Connor, she leaps on his back again and retrieves the knife from his neck. She lands and then stabs Zanaya in the side. She runs around to Monique and Monique trips her. Ginny is suddenly surrounded by all three who are standing over her. Connor slowly walks above her head and lifts up his massive foot to crush her. Her eyes grow big and then she giggles.

Ginny: ToUgH lUcK.

Suddenly Ginny disappears and reappears on Connor's shoulder. She scrunches down and then cleanly sweeps his head off, the massive ogre leans forward and then collapses onto the floor dying. She backflips off of him and then giggles.

Ginny: I'Ll sAvE YoU tWo FoR LaTeR.

Ginny then disappears into the shadows once more. Zanaya and Monique stare at Connor's lifeless body and Monique begins to tear up, she falls down and cries.

15th Place
LT Connor Spooky

Kylie after leaving the shed decides she will not go back into the house, instead she leaves. The group comes outside looking for the two as they were gone for a while and then suddenly they see Daniels body ripped into pieces in the shed. Pamela vomits on sight and the other two just marvel in utter horror. Pamela starts stepping backwards.

Pamela: I have to go... i'm going to throw up... I-..

Pamela races forward and leaving the house, she runs into the forest alone bawling her eyes out. Zachary and Alyssa follow after her, however she is too fast and escapes them, the two look around the forest and decide it's not worth it to follow her, she left them for a reason. Meanwhile Pam continues running and crying, she is covering her eyes as she runs and then she body slams into Ginny. Ginny is limping from her past fight and the knife in her hand falls on the floor. Ginny feels her head and groans. Pamela looks at Ginny and shrieks. Pamela grabs Ginny's knife and holds it up and pointing at her.


Pamela lunges forward and tries slicing at Ginny. Ginny caught off guard dodges out of the way and stumbles. She gathers herself and manages to disappear. Pamela continues swinging at the air calling out for her to reveal herself. Ginny does reveal herself, however behind Ginny. She kicks the back of her knee causing her to fall on the ground, Ginny grabs the knife from Pamela's impaired hands.

Ginny: ThAt WaS tHe ClOSeSt aNyOnE HaS eVeR GoTtEn To KiLling Me. (chuckes) FoR ThAt i'Ll mAkE yOuR dEaTh fUn.

Pamela starts sobbing, screams fill the forest and the scene resumes to Zachary and Alyssa. They look at the screams and her the blood curdling cries. The two panic and run back towards the house and barricade themselves in doors. The scene them resumes back to where Pamela was, all of her skin was flayed and then draped from the trees. Her intestines were wrapped like a Christmas tree. Ginny grinned and began walking forward... right where Pamela was coming from. A shot of the house is shown and then a shot of Ginny grinning.

14th Place
LT Pam Spooky

The scene changes to Johnathan and Cameron who are still at the barn. Johnathan climbs up and he has lost an arm from being ran over by a car. Cameron finished feasting on Noland and then hands Johnathan the brain. Johnathan grins and thanks Cameron for saving him the best part. Johnathan begins eating the brain as the two walk together down the mountain. Suddenly they see the elemental, Yasmyn, walking towards them. Cameron's eyes get big and he puts up his hands as an act of surrender. Johnathan puts up one of his arms. Yasmyn continues walking towards them without saying a word. She stomps on the floor and suddenly a circle of fire is formed around them. She continues walking closer and Cameron and Johnathan appear to be stuck.

Johnathan: Go on... without me, you can fly.

Cameron (turning to Johnathan): I am never going to leave you bro!

Johnathan: Don't die for me!

Cameron: We aren't going to die, we are going to kill her together. (smiles)

Johnathan: We can't! You have to go now, I know we are just getting to know each other but I want you to have a better shot at this game then I do.

Cameron: I'm never going to leave your side..

The two boys smile at each other and endearingly look into eachother's eyes. Without remembering the situation they are in, a sword of ice impales Johnathan through the brain and his eyes roll back. Cameron gasps and stumbles backwards as the boy he has just exchanged pleasentries with dies in front of in front of him. Cameron's eyes begin to water. He glare at Yasmyn and charges towards her, she rolls her eyes and shoots a fireball at him as he lunges towards her. It blinds Cameron and he stumbles and falls next to Johnathan. Yasmyn rolls her eyes and begins walking away. The circle of fire slowly shrinks around the two monsters who lay next to each other. The fire burns them up together.

13th Place / 12th Place
LT Johnathan SpookyLT Cameron Spooky
Johnathan & Cameron

Suddenly after the deaths of these two there is a strike of lightning and a booming voice that accompanied it. It was the mysterious voice that all of the contestants became acquainted with at the start of the night.

Mysterious Voice: Contestants! I have an announcement to make, this might be one that will excite you... or one that will potentially end your life. (cackle)

Scenes of everyone looking around at their surroundings trying to figure out where the voice was coming from is shown.

Mysterious Voice: Those shock collars that are on your legs... you'll notice the color from them has changed. You are no longer playing as teams, all of you may now kill whoever you desire.

A shot of Ginny smirking is shown, followed by Kylie biting her lip.

Mysterious Voice: Welcome to the merge.

Zachary and Alyssa glance at each other, they nervously chuckle.

Zachary: You're not..

Alyssa: No of course... you?

Zachary: Of course not. You and me till the end..

Both of them nervously chuckle again. Ginny's eyes widen and she smiles at the concept of killing her own team. A lot of mixed reactions are around, however one things for certain is the battle is just beginning.


With the newfound knowledge to the contestants that they now have permission to kill their teammates, a lot are weary and others are excited. With only eleven people left in the game and only one more hour to go until midnight, a lot of players are still hungry for blood whereas others are praying they will be able to hold out. Zanaya and Monique are still wandering about in the woods after the loss of their partner Connor. Monique is leading the pack and behind her is Zanaya.

Monique: I wonder how many people have died by now.. and how much longer is left.

Zanaya (quietly): Mm.

Monique: It feels like we've been walking for ages.

Zanaya: Mm.

Monique: Everything okay back there?

Zanaya: Mm.

Monique starts to get curious of her friend who is walking behind her, meanwhile Zanaya is slowly walking closer towards Monique, she is holding a knife close in her hand and lunges towards Monique. Monique instinctually ducks and then trips Zanaya. Monique kicks Zanaya in the face. Zanaya screeches and tries swiping for Monique's leg.

Monique: What the hell you bitch!

Monique swings at Zanaya punching her on the floor, Zanaya jumps up and sprints towards Monique.

Zanaya: Die you fucking scum!

Zanaya charges and Monique crouches down and forces her body into Zanaya's legs, Zanaya falls again and is roughly disheveled. She slowly stands up and Monique is wiping blood from her lip.

Monique: Why the fuck are you trying to kill me?

Zanaya: I'm fucking sick of you, you created me and treat me like a fucking SLAVE! You forced me to marry that beast and have never let me have free will, this is finally my CHANCE TO KILL YOU.

Zanaya lunges towards Monique again and aims for her gut. She stabs Monique in the chest and Monique screams out in pain. Monique falls to the floor as red blood covers the entirety of her lab coat. She falls and both of her hands are the only thing propping her body up.

Monique (coughing up blood): I... didn't know... you felt... that way....

Zanaya rolls her eyes.

Zanaya: Of course you had to know, you made me after all, do you have no regard for the sentient life you create? You neglected us and forced us into a life of slaughter and got a whole village to hate us and bully us. Why would you make a life with no intention to protect it... You are the real monster.

Monique's arms are shaky, she reaches down to her wound and removes the knife, blood starts spurting out of her wound and she slowly stands up. Zanaya is turned around trying to collect herself. Monique slowly limps her way over to Zanaya.

Zanaya: And you know another thing is-

Zanaya turns around and finds herself met with the blade in her chest. Monique makes with her as she twists it. Monique grunts and the full width of the knife is imbedded in Zanaya. Zanaya looks at her wound, and shakes her head in disbelief.

Zanaya: You really never did care, did you? (laughs) Just as I thought.. you will always be pathetic, Dr. Frankenstein.

Zanaya's legs give out and she collapses to the floor. Monique is crying and she feels her prized possessions face die in front of her, she keeps mouthing "I'm sorry" and Zanaya's eyes finally roll back. Monique lets out an ugly sob.

11th Place
LT Zanaya Spooky

Ledalia is walking around with her battle axe sniffing around the manor, she decided she should stay there as that'd be the obvious place to not go. She sniffs some more and sees a light flicker, she raises an eyebrow. She thinks she hears a creek and then quickly turns around. She sees a hovering vase and it is thrown at her. She blocks it and it shatters on her armor.

Ledalia: 自分自身シャーマンを明らかにする! (Reveal yourself shaman!)

Diana emerges from the wall, transparent as normal and lets out a little giggle to herself. She flies through the walls to the other side of the room and picks up a candle and knocks it on the floor. The floor begins to catch fire, Ledalia rolls her eyes, she charges towards Diana and abruptly the scene changes.

Zachary and Alyssa decide to get back in the car and continue driving around, they believe there is enough gas in the car to survive another hour and nobody can catch them if they are in a vehicle. They get inside of the car and start the ignition. Alyssa decides to confess something to Zachary as he is pulling out of the driveway.

Alyssa (pulling her pipebomb out): I found this when we were at the barn... it's a bomb. I am saving it incase we run into a monster.

Zachary (eyes wide): A fucking bomb? That's crazy! Put that away, oh my god... I don't want to see a bomb.

Alyssa (putting it back in her bag): Sorry sorry, I just hope that you and I will be able to make it through the night... (sadly) of all the group I felt like you and I were meant to be here right now, we went through trauma together tonight and... I feel like (glances at Zac) we could be meant for each other.

Zachary looks at Alyssa's face and starts to smile. He begins to start saying something back when Alyssa gasps and tells him to watch out, both of them look forward and in front of their car is Ginny. They slam on the breaks instinctively, however regret fills Zach's eyes when he realizes who she is. Ginny hops on the hood of the car and giggles. She stabs at the window and it chips away.

Zachary: Get the pipe bomb quick!

Alyssa frantically searches in her bag for the bomb, meanwhile Zac turns around to the backseat and pulls out a pistol.

Alyssa: Is that a pistol?!

Zachary (smug): Looks like we both kept a secret from each other.

Zachary points the pistol through the glass at Ginny, he fires multiple rounds at her and 2 bullets enter her. She falls backwards off of the hood of the car onto the floor. Zac slams on the breaks and a tire runs over Ginny. Alyssa and Zac are out of breath from fear and sigh closing their eyes to regain control. Suddenly through the floor boards a knife stabs up into Zac's leg. He winces in pain and yells "Fuck" loudly. Alyssa glances over at the knife in him and she screams, she opens the door and grabs the pistol from Zac's hands. She crouches under the car and starts shooting Ginny. Ginny looks up at Alyssa and she gasps and then disappears. Ginny reappears and punches Alyssa in the face, Alyssa falls down onto the floor and drops the pistol.

Zac limps out of the car and picks up the knife Ginny left behind when she disappeared, she charges towards Ginny and tackles her, he pins her down and covers her mouth as he stabs into her neck, she bites his hand and then twists his arm and breaks it. She flips him over and then grabs the knife from his hand and stabs him in the neck. He starts bleeding and his body slowly goes stiff. He mouths the word "Alyssa" as a tear streams from his eyes. Ginny starts laughing to herself.

Ginny: hA hA hA.... hAh.. hahAH... hAHhahhAHahhHAha....

Ginny begins manically laughing as she stands up and turns around, her neck contorts sideways as she grins, blood of Zac drips down her hands as she sucks the blood from her fingers Alyssa screams with tears in her eyes, Alyssa pulls from behind her back the pipe bomb and charges towards Ginny.


Ginny's eyes grow huge and before she can disappear Alyssa bearhugs her and presses the trigger.

10th Place / 9th Place / 8th Place
LT Zachary SpookyLT Ginny SpookyLT Alyssa Spooky
Zachary, Ginny, and Alyssa

Brad glances up as he sees an explosion in the area, he thinks nothing of it though and continues weaving his web. He starts humming to himself. The scene changes to Ledalia and Diana who are resuming their fight, Diana is continuing to fling objects at Ledalia. Ledalia is getting annoyed with her and decides to use her ultimate power. Ledalia stands still in place and suddenly her armor glows. Suddenly Ledalia phases into the spirit world, and gains a clear view of Diana. Diana is shocked and floats backwards.

Diana: Woah... I didn't know you were a spirit too... there's no need to fight me, we're already dead!

Ledalia: それはあなたが白い雌犬と思うものです。あなたと私は同じではありません。私は精神ではなく精神ハンターです。あなたは忌まわしい魂が無実の生命に大混乱を招きます。私の仕事はあなたの人生を終わらせ、あなたを霊界に送ります。(That's what you think white bitch. You and I are not the same. I am a spirit hunter not a spirit. You vengeful souls wreak havoc on innocent lives, my job is to finish your life and send you to the spirit realm, you indecisive bastard.)

Diana (screaming): I have no idea what the hell you are saying!

Ledalia swings her battle axe that nearly cuts Diana in half, she gasps and then flys away faster. Ledalia continues running after her swinging vigorously. She lunges forward and slices Diana's soul in half. Diana fades away almost instantly. Ledalia conceals her war axe and then returns to the normal realm.

7th Place
LT Diana Spooky

With only six players left and a half hour until they are all allowed to leave, the tensions are still high and players are not done killing. The area that all players in has seemingly shrunk, everyone is within 500 feet of the manor. Ledalia remained in the manor and then entered out the entrance. She released a battle cry, a signal to everyone to return to the manor. Everyone looked up at the sky, birds flew from trees away from the cry. Brad looked around, he slowly made his way down his web onto the ground. He was walking towards the manor when he was greeted by a wolf. Vince looked at him and had his hands up.

Vince: I mean no harm! I won't hurt you, I swear. I just want to live through the night.

Brad (chuckling): I do too, bud. I already ate someone so i'm full. I don't really need to overeat.

Vince (sadly): I haven't eaten yet but I only have to hold off a little longer, my stomach is aching so bad. I nibbled on the scraps of a dead deer I found though.

Brad: I wonder what that battle cry was about.

Vince: I have no idea, I don't even know who's left.

Brad: It sounded like that oni who was on my tribe. I have no idea how many people are alive left on my tribe.

Vince: I think a lot of mine are dead, I split up from that zombie and vampire, and when I came back I found them burned up.

Brad: Oh... I feel bad now, I totally ate that witch.

Vince: No worries, that girl was a huge bitch.

Both of the guys laughed together.

Brad: Should we go to the battle cry?

Vince: I feel like we'll both probably die there, I feel like we are safe where we are.

Brad (laughing): Not a chance, are people really even killing each other that much?

Vince: I don't know, I just really don't want to die, I wouldn't risk it.

Brad (winking): I'll protect you, don't worry your pretty little face, wolf boy.

Vince (blushing): Okay... fine, let's go.

Brad (laughing): That's the spirit! It'll be fun, I want to see what all the fuss is about anyway.

Both guys continue walking towards the manor, meanwhile Yasmyn lands at the entrance of the manor. Standing before her is Ledalia.

Yasmyn: Why did you release that hideous cry, battle armor?

Ledalia: 私はこれを終わらせたい。もし私たちが皆ここに集まるならば、公平にそれを公然とすることができます。(I want to finish this. If we all gather here we can duke it out fairly.)

Yasmyn: That's absurd, the game is almost over. Why would you want one last battle?

Ledalia: なぜあなたはあまりにも欲しくないのですか?私たちは理由のためにここに置かれました。お互いを殺すために、生存者になる。なぜ誰かがそのタイトルを共有したいのですが、私は公正な戦いを望みます。(Why wouldn't you want too? We were put here for a reason. To kill each other, to be the survivor. Why would anyone want to share that title, I want a fair battle.)

Yasmyn: Okay then... you wish to fight me?

Ledalia: 私は最後まで残るまで、誰もが戦うだろう (I will battle everyone until I am the last one standing.)

Suddenly Yasmyn threw icicles at Ledalia's arms, ice began to sprout and make handcuffs around her. Ledalia summoned her war axe and slashed them off. Yasmyn threw fire balls at Ledalia and she slashed them in half. Ledalia swung at Yasmyn and landed a blow in her leg, Yasmyn flew into a wall. Ledalia lifted up her battle axe above her head and was about to deliver a fatal blow when Yasmyn summoned and ice prism around her. Ledalia smashed her war axe into the ice, she was confused but ripped out her axe and swung again. She began swinging multiple times chipping the ice away.

Suddenly steam began emitting out of the ice. It kept steaming up the room until it got to the point the entire room was filled to the brim with thick cloudy smoke. Ledalia struggled to see. Suddenly she felt her legs freezing, and then her hips, then her torso, and her arms. Ledalia struggled and tried to break open. Ledalia dropped her war axe and grit her teeth. Yasmyn flew up to Ledalia's face and then smiled. Ledalia spit at Yasmyn. Yasmyn heated up her hands and then stuck them in Ledalia's eyes. She screeched in pain. Lots of screeches of pain were emitted, and all of the remaining players heard them. Brad and Vince in the forest stopped dead in their tracks a hundred feet away from the manor. Suddenly the manor was engulfed in flames. The entire building was set ablaze.

6th Place
LT Ledalia Spooky

Brad: What the hell is going on over there..

Vince: I think we should stay as far away from here as possible

Brad looks at Vince, Vince looks serious so Brad smiles at him and obeys his wishes.

Brad: Yeah.. you're right, let's get out of here.

The two run off together, meanwhile at the manor Yasmyn emerges from the flames. At the entrance she stands leaving the burning manor, she sees Kylie who is standing smirking at her.

Yasmyn: At long last, I get to face you Kylie.

Kylie: What the hell do you have against me bitch? At long last? Have we had this unsaid beef this entire time?

Yasmyn: We have been battling for the most attractive killer in this group, and it's clear i've killed more than you so i've won. I've won this battle Kylie, so let me kill you and we be done with this.

Kylie: There is only ten minutes until we are allowed to leave here, let's not fight darling.

Yasmyn: I have slaughtered lives to prove my point of superiority to you, there is no way both of us are leaving here alive, either you or I will perish.

Kylie: Jeez.

Suddenly from the shadows Monique appears.

Monique: Hey bitches.

Kylie: Who are you?

Monique is wheeling a cart with a battery bomb device strapped to it.

Yasmyn: What's that you got there.

Monique: I have what's going to kill you bitch ass monsters who killed my two prized possessions. Got that?

Kylie and Yasmyn looked at each other and chuckled.

Monique: Laugh all you want. Prepare for your demise.

Yasmyn: If you really th-

Monique pushed over the battery cart and then pressed a button. Kylie and Yasmyn looked confused and after a moment there was an explosion.

5th Place / 4th Place / 3rd Place
LT Monique SpookyLT Kylie SpookyLT Yasmyn Spooky
Monique, Kylie, and Yasmyn

Brad and Vince looked each other in the eyes.

Brad: I'm so glad you stopped me from going to that manor.

Vince (blushing): No problem dude.

Suddenly there was a boom of thunder again. The voice of the manor spoke into the sky.

Mysterious Voice: Congratulations. It is midnight. You two have survived the night, as for the rest of the contestants, all eighteen of them have passed away. What you do next is up to you.

Brad and Vince look at each other.

Brad: We did it...

Vince: I can't believe it.

The two boys in all of their excitement kiss each other on the lips, wrapping their arms around each other. Explosions of fireworks signal in the background. Brad and Vince depart lips and look at each other in the eyes and smile.

LT Brad SpookyLT Vince Spooky
Brad and Vince

Survived the Night

Teutu Tuhinga
LT Alyssa Spooky
LT Zachary Spooky
LT Noland Spooky
LT Pam Spooky
LT Daniel Spooky
LT Stacey Spooky
LT Vince Spooky
LT Johnathan Spooky
LT Cameron Spooky
LT Damien Spooky
Paku Atua
LT Winston Spooky
LT Zanaya Spooky
LT Kylie Spooky
LT Monique Spooky
LT Connor Spooky
LT Yasmyn Spooky
LT Ledalia Spooky
LT Ginny Spooky
LT Brad Spooky
LT Diana Spooky

Ending Scene

Pamela: "and fireworks signal in the background. Brad and Vince depart lips and look at each other in the eyes and smile." The end.

Kylie (laughing): God that fanfic was so bad, who the hell comes up with these things?

Brad (looking at Vince): I don't know .. I kinda liked it.

Vince blushes setting his hand on Brad's knee, his wedding ring shines.

Cameron: I can't believe me and Johnathan were vampires and zombies and died in a ring of fire.

Damien (teasing Yasmyn): And you fucking killed me when I was in the water! Dick. (laughing)

Daniel: I thought it was very inaccurate i'd be 'suaded by Kylie's looks. I feel like only Monique would've fallen for that succubus.

Kylie (laughing and rolling her eyes): Whoever wrote this thing had no idea Mon' and I were a thing. Huh, Monique?

Monique (giggling): You go on a reality show once and you become the spectacle of a cringy fanfiction. Ahhh, that's the life.

The camera pans out to show the full cast of Survivor: Lunar Temple sitting around a living room, all of them are cozied up and mutually getting along. Monique is curled up in Kylie's arms, Pam is sitting by the fireplace. Ledalia is handing out candy to everyone. Cameron is hitting on Stacey who is rolling her eyes as she drinks from a red solo cup. Daniel and Damien are on the floor playing chess. Alyssa is taking instagram selfies with Zachary by some halloween decorations. Noland, Damien, and Connor are watching a football game on TV. Winston, Zanaya, and Diana are all gathered around the snack table with plates in their hands. Johnathan and Yasmyn are hanging up a spider web decoration that fell down, and Ginny is putting candles on a cake. Brad and Vince look around the room, Vince lays his head on Brad's chest and picks up his hand and kisses it. Brad looks down at Vince and kisses his forehead. The shot pulls back showing all 20 contestants at the same time enjoying Halloween together as a group.

the end.